With experience in many different recording environments, Cameron is comfortable anywhere there's a microphone and a recording device. His home studio is well-suited for in-the-box production, as well as recording vocals, guitar, bass, and any acoustic instruments on their own.  Both Pro Tools and Ableton Live 9 are viable options in this space for recording your next hit! Or enlist his services for your podcast/voiceover/ADR recording needs.


With pairs of Yamaha HS8s, HS5s, and NS-10s all at his disposal, plus a myriad of plugins, your mixes will come out sounding professional and well-balanced on any playback system.  Cameron's plugin library includes the Soundtoys 5 Bundle, Avid Pro Tools AudioSuite, Ableton Live 9 Suite, and Waves Gold.


Having excelled in several courses at Columbia College Chicago pertaining to Audio for Visual Media, Cameron is a competent and reliable choice for all of your digital short, film, and other visual media sound needs.  Services include ADR, SFX/foley, and mixing.


Cameron has been the chief engineer and editor for Dungeons, Dice, & Everything Nice since the beginning of Season 1.  This could be your podcast, too!  Services include podcast editing and production, voiceover editing, and audio for digital shorts.

music composition

With a background as a classically-trained pianist and singer, plus an education in music theory and ear training, Cameron has been writing music for years.  Whether it's independent music production, scoring films, providing tracks for digital shorts, or writing jingles and theme music for podcasts, his degree in Audio Design & Production and his musical background make him a professional and reliable choice for any and all music composition needs.