$50 / song

record & mix your tune

On a song-to-song basis, this rate may change based on your individual recording and production needs.  Don't be afraid to reach out and inquire to learn more!

$40 / song

record your album

With at least 3 songs, record an album on the cheap!  Again, this can be on a sliding scale based on your needs, but be not afraid.  Inquire below!




commission custom music

Have a podcast, digital short, or brand that needs a jingle?  Look no further!  You will receive a fully mastered and ready-to-go track, plus two complimentary re-writes if you're not initially satisfied.

ask me

score your film

Everyone's art necessitates something different when it comes to scoring theatrical works.  Use the Contact page to get in touch and your needs will be determined and given a very fair rate.



$1 / audio minute

edit your podcast

This price is based on the amount of raw audio submitted and may change depending on the desired length of the finished product.  It is also purely voice-based, plus intro and outro music placement if provided.  For more immersive/intensive productions, please contact me for rates.


mix your music/audio

Need music professionally mixed?  Got some dialogue and SFX that need to become part of your (locked) video?  Look no further!